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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

B1G1 Formula and Other Stuff

Thanks to Baby Cheapskate for this great formula deal!

It's online only but if you're up for ordering it and's a wonderful deal!

Reader Tip: BOGO 50% Off Formula

Thanks to Anna, who sent in this money-saver:
Found a great deal on Bright Beginnings formula! They changed their can size from the 31.7 down to the industry standard 26.x about a month ago and could NOT be found on shelves. I went to complain on their website and found an awesome deal!
The "old" larger can sizes are not only on sale, but they are BOGO 1/2 off with free UPS shipping on orders over $39.99. I found I bought 2 cases of the regular for under $11.50 a can (which is still higher than the Walgreens clearance a few months back, but I'll take it instead of the new "regular" price of 18.99 a can at CVS).
P.S. You'll find other deals at the link above, as well! Cases of whole wheat cereal with fruit are BOGO Free.

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