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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Make It Yourself Monday: Baby Wipes

Bethany at Centsible Shopper has a weekly installment post "Make It Yourself Monday". This week's topic is baby wipes. She talks about making disposable wipes with Bounty papertowels, some baby oil, baby wash and water. Check it out, and for another way to save on wipes...keep reading!

Wipes are the thing we run out of most often! But, at $.02 a peice you wouldn't think it would be a big deal to justify the purchase. I'll tell you though, when you are going through several tubs a month at $3 each (especially when you are on a frugality mission) a penny saved really is a penny earned! Even the best deal we've come across, $.01 a peice, is money out of pocket!

When I was cloth diapering I found a great solution for homemade wipes that was very inexpensive! Just some Kissaluvs lavender diaper lotion potion (4 oz concentrated for $14.95) from Cotton Babies and I could make a few months worth of wipes that even smelled good for about $.50 a tub! I purchased some cheap cotton cloths from Walmart or you could even use terry cloth fabric from a fabric store (cut in to squares) and washed them once a week. You have to be sure to used distilled water or change it regularly otherwise it will smell.

I would encourage you to try either recipe with the's easy and cheap!

I have to thank my grandmother for this encouragement. Anytime she came to babysit she would ask for a washcloth to change the messy diapers. I would reluctantly hand one over (eeewww!) and wonder why she couldn't just use the wipes I had bought! She told me that the cloth did a MUCH better job cleaning. Once I tried it I agreed!

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