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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Babyplays and Success By Six

Sometimes there are things I see or hear about that are so great I literally cannot contain my excitement!

This morning a company was featured on the news and my first two thoughts were "Finally!!" and "How do I sign up?"! However, when I saw the prices, my hopes were vanquished! is a baby/toddler toy rental company. Babyplays stocks and rents an enourmous supply of safe, lead-free baby and toddler toys (birth to age 5). Plans are paid monthly and range from $28.99 to $35.99 a month. Each month you recieve a box of 4-6 toys of your choice and send the old ones back (all without leaving home). It's NOT cost efficient but if you like the idea of having a good toy rotation without actually buying all the toys or having to find storage space for all of them...this will probably be your new best friend.

This did get me thinking about some other toy borrowing/rental options and I rememered that we have a great resource in our area that's free (thanks to the United Way and local businesses)..."Success By Six" is free to the public and ANYONE can take advantage of the resource. There are tons of educational, role-play, climb-around toys and books to entertain your children while you watch. You can even check out different games and toys at no charge to play w/ at home for up to 2 weeks! We have organized and held play group dates there and (although I was not able to attend) had a ball!

There are Success By Six coalitions located all across the country. Contact your local United Way for locations in your area.

If you know of a Success By Six (or similar program) location, please share it for other moms and dads.

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