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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tipster Tuesday - Diaper Reviews and Per Diaper Pricing!

Baby Cheapskate readers have shared several store brand diaper reviews - there are some great deals to be had...just read the reviews to see which ones may work for you (be sure to read the comments left by other readers, too!).

Remember that many stores gaurantee their private label products so if you are unsatisfied after using a few from the pack TAKE THEM BACK for a refund or a brand you do like!

If your store is not agreeable to taking these items back you might ask your friends or neoghbors if they use store brand and offer to pay them a few cents to try one or two. I doubt they will actually take the money and you'll get some "hands-on" experience!

The pricing on some may be outdated but you can bet they are still considerably cheaper than the premium brands!

Wal-Mart Parent's Choice

Target, CVS, Kroger, Walgreen's


Premium per diaper pricing - Our Best Finds!

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