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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Storing Diapers and Less Walking!

With our first child we always changed diapers in his room on the changing table...until he was like 20 mos old! Then after the birth of our daughter I realized that it was ridiculous to think I would be able to haul her back to her room to change her diaper 12 times a day with my 2 year old wandering around the house. Plus, when you have a toddler you get ZERO time to sit and I was frankly tired of all the up and down!

So I started changing diapers in the living room on the floor or sofa or wherever I happened to be in reach of a diaper. But as you can imagine, I was always hunting around for wipes/diapers or trying to get them back from my son so I could use one (same problem downstairs in our family room!). One day while I was out at a local consignment store I found a nice set of matching baskets with cloth liners for $20 and thought ah-ha! my diaper solution!

I have one of these baskets in each of the kids rooms and one in the living room and family room. Each one has wipes, ointment and several diapers for each child in it and I can be certain that there are always diapering supplies at hand. They look nice and unless someone makes a point to look inside, there would be no hint of the diaper changing that occurs in every corner of the house! I refill them every morning (if needed).

Now I don't have to listen to my husband complain that there are no supplies ready for him (which there must be if I expect him to change a diaper!). And I get 5 extra minutes a day to sit down - even if I am wrestling a small child to the ground at the time!

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fullheartandhands mama said...

I've started doing this as well. We lived in a ranch when the first two were born. Now that we're in a two story, I always have diapers and wipes in the family room. Great tip.

fullheartandhands mama said...

I just browsed your blog a bit and it looks like you write for the KC area. Perfect! That's where we live. I'll be back for more tips.

reprehriestless warillever said...

This is what I wrote about a few weeks ago. There is no way that I can haul a baby upstairs with two preschoolers in tow.

I keep diaper supplies in the playroom as well as both bathrooms.

Jesabella said...

I am the mother of a 6 month old and I read somewhere along the way about doing this and set it up before he was even born. It has saved me so much time and frustration! I just have a small basket in the Living room and Bedroom so I can just reach and we are good to go! It is lifesaver!

Erin K. said...

We have a two story house so this is what we've done all along. So much for the changing table and diaper champ! As of two weeks ago, we also have a little drawer set aside in the living room for my daughter's PJ's and outfit for the day, since we usually change her clothes downstairs as well. I just bring down the appropriate outfit the night before and put it in the drawer, which also helps in the morning because I'm not trying to figure out what she should wear for the day. It's a small thing, but it helps save my sanity! :-)

Sis Sarah said...

Oh I live in the KC area, love when I find something local wahoo.

I still use our changing table, but with back and knee problems, it just hurts too much to change on the floor, or lean over on the bed. But those without those problems I think it's great.