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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tipster Tuesday: Baby Registries for Coupons and Freebies

When you have or are expecting a new baby the sheer volume of choices out there will surely overwhelm you.

As Mom, you want to get what is necessary and get the best product for your baby. As Dad, you want to get the best product for your baby without spending small fortune.

Take note of CAN do both!! A nice little secret about baby registries is that you often get coupons and other incentives just for completing them! AND, you can do as many as you have the energy for (it seems to sap the energy right out of you though so be careful!). These are usually really good coupons, samples, freebies and general information.

Even if you don't intend to pass along the registry information at every store, it doesn't hurt to ask about their program and create a small one to take advantage of the coupons or other incentives they offer.

After completing our registry at Babies R Us we received several mailings with formula checks, coupons for baby care and diapers, samples of formula and diapers and even free magazines like American Baby, Parenting and Parents.

Another great way to get coupons is to simply ask your childless family members (or the ones whose kids are grown) to save them for you. My mom gives me envelopes full of them every month or two.

Check out these can even create your registry online!

Babies R Us
Burlington Coat Factory
USA Baby

Check back next week for a new installment!

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