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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tipster Tuesday: Sunscreen and DEET for Children

I've been thinking (A LOT) about sunshine and spring...I'm so sick of the cold weather!

My daughter will be 1 this summer and able to go outside; last year we pretty much kept her in since she was so small. My son is an outdoor kid so I imagine we'll be spening the majority of our days in the backyard.

This got me thinking about bugbites, sunscreen and cute little hats (which could probably be a post all its own!). So I wanted to pass along some resources for information (especially for those of you with babies).

Check out an extension of this topic over at Naturally CentsAble

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great links, I grew up in FL and I know so many people with skin cancer and I am in my thirties!
Thanks for getting the word out to protect our kids from the sun. It is sooo important! We love the beach and the pool but we always use sunscreen on our kids and they all wear surf shirts with SPF protection.